The internet and web designers

The internet and web designers

Graphic design images

So you can do this, go to google images and search for your image , with the word , freepik or any other stock photo
website. Infact just use ” My image stockphoto” . Then you will ofcourse get a search result filled with great image
watermarked ready to be sold.
Do yourself a favour and grab one of those images and drag it into your search bar. Google will perform a new search
based on the image visuals and name…. Many times people who buy stock photos dont rename them so they end up on ites
where you can hotlink them of , ofcourse its not every image but many of them . It is somewhat of a dodgy affair. Also
beware DCMA crop that image and rename it until google cant relate it to another.

AAANNND now that i read the rest of the thread i see its changed, a little bit of JavaScript can stop hot-linking also
mst hosting providers now have the option available in their c panel as it can kill your bandwidth usage. Even easier
you can use you ht acess file ( which is like the manual version of using the cpanel option and write a few rules :
<<<>>>>> This is a very good
article on explaining it .


Http vs https websites


I have a theme that i downloaded from the worpress directory for some really weird reason i mixed it in wit my static
html files. So my website design is http , but the parts that are WordPress related are https . i never bought anything not a
authentication certificate . Its just https i tried it with other themes but they stay http like expected. Anybody
have an idea what caused this?

Anybody have any better experience with other wordpress selling sites , besides envato. I have had a bad experience
with them and talking to the wordpress site developers there it seems they arent happy either. So much politics

I assume you are talking about your website , you should try to get links naturally thats what many people will say bt
it wont work, because people have realised the value of links its like a comodity online even if its not allowed to be
sold , most directories charge for a listing , most bloggers charge for guest posting , most publishers charge to
review your article . Short of buying links , you will have to give something to get something .

Most people are charging for ny kind of link , even if you write an article , share a infographic people have become
aware of the money that is to be made from links even though its not allowed by google. Your best bet advertise on as
many platforms as you can monitor the traffic from those platforms and focus your attention on the ones that are
bringing in some cash , perhaps invest in them .

Adobe illustrator vs photoshop


Personally im in the same boat as you although i have used the adobe suite ( cs6 ) Photoshop , illustrator ,
Dreamweaver and after effects mainly. I have the cc and yeah its a bit different in my opinion they have gone even
more user friendly sacrificing alot more functionality for it. I now look for alternative programs if i cant use cs6
which was slow , cc is worse. But its user friendly ALL the way….. when it opens

There is the wonderful tool called google they even have something called pagespeed insights and if you do a search on
this google thing , you will find gt metrix and pingdom which will analyse you site and suggest everything such as
this :
Combine images using CSS sprites
Optimize images
Leverage browser caching
Defer parsing of JavaScript
Specify image dimensions
Serve scaled images
Minify JavaScript
Minify HTML
Specify a character set early
Minify CSS
Avoid bad requests
Avoid landing page redirects
Enable gzip compression
Enable Keep-Alive
Inline small CSS
Inline small JavaScript
Minimize redirects
Minimize request size
Optimize the order of styles and scripts
Put CSS in the document head
Serve resources from a consistent URL
Specify a cache validator
Avoid CSS @import
Prefer asynchronous resources
Avoid a character set in the meta tag
Remove query strings from static resources
Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header

Well 3000 links mean nothing if they are all from irrelvant sites ..
I would check this
Have you bought any links ?
Are you back links low quality , all no follow or all do follows ?
Is any of you content copied ?
Is your content original ?
are you stuffing with keywords?
How competitive is the niche you are going for ?
Enter <<Site:>>> in google and see if your site has been de indexed.
If its there you are probably suffering from a soft penalty or low quality links and content.
If its not there you have been removed .
Check you google webmaster dashboard for any manual penalties.

Well i know gimp is the go to , but even though it was designed for a different purpose adobe illustrator is quite
handy for use of editing , of course it doesn’t give you the more complex functions of graphics like layer masks but
im thinking maybe you dont need that, oterwise gimp , but gimp to me ist that user friendly and Photoshop has massive
online support

Pagination is the process of taking a set of results and spreading
them out over pages to make them easier to view. I am not really sure if this is what you are talking about however it
is a fair bit of coding ( not hard ) you should google it there are quite a few tuts on it.

Just a added word to every bodies generic answers , google trends works on more than just cause and effect, if google
find a trend in searches it actually changes rankings for those searches to come up more frequently , this is to
rovide the user with the most relevant up to date content that everybody else finds useful. Once users stop searching
for the term so much , and it drops as a trend , google with drop its ranking accordingly ,

This is more of a question o everybodies thoughts on seo. We all know backlinks still carry alot of weight in ranking
, though not as much as before and im sure it declines every year as google finds other reliable metrics. Ive noticed
there are many articles on how to build backlinks we have all seen them . And they all say the same thing , competitor
backlinks , blog guest posts , infographic sights and so forth.

Ive notivces however now more than ever that everywhere you turn to submit a article , infographic or any kind of
material which cost you time and money to produce and is essentiially increasing the value of the website you intent
to place it on , everything today costs money , every submission.

Whats ironic is that in the google guidelines it says that any paid link should be a no follow , meaning carry no
ranking influence abilities , so it defeats the whole object.

I just kind of wonder if google is letting this happen to make ranking harder , and cause more people to turn to paid

Hi i know its really old , but heck if we are still having cs servers are there any jedi acadamy servers out there , i
mean a decade ago this was so popular and they release so many great mods for this game that never got to see any real
online action.

I was wondering since you have your external stylesheet and in many widgets you and add inline style , does the
additional css rules in dashboard on WordPress get compiled into the style css or count as another css file , or
perhaps inline styling ?

Strange if no follow links arent crawled how do they end up in your serach console in google webmaster tools . Dont
believe everything you read.

Developer console usually shows errors , depending on your browser , you can also checkout your logs i the server of
your website, if all elase fails put it on a local host and use a text editor to overlook it for any errors

Let me put this straight i am a windows , google , firefox , android guy. I hate apple and all it stands for , the
hype , the elitism and the fanboys.

The last two days i had a client who was having issues with his iphone macbook and ipad. So with a slight bit of
learning where everything is on this operating system i managed to do what was needed , then i actually ound myself
enjoying ( what i once considered a bad user interface ) . i still believe its interface and compatibility are a pain
, but i actually enjoyed working on it.

Even though i still believe what i did before my position on apple has somewhat changed , if only slightly .

What is it about apples products that lure people , i just cant seem to pinpoint it.

I am hoping this was just the excitement of learning something new , and that had i kept it longer some of the flaws
would revert me to my original opinion .

Seo copywriter is somebody whom first of all has a great knowledge of seo , particularly keywords phrases and content,
not just written for a search engine but for the user too. They usually also posses a background in journalism ,
marketing or a degree.
I have seen people make use of them for on page website content optimisation and even for social media posting.

They all have their advantages , in terms of support and usage Laravel is ahead of code igniter, This however is my
own opinion , laravel is also constantly udating , pythin is not a php framework its another markup language all



All you need to do is create a google plus acount , then create a google websmaster tools acount , which will require
you to verify your website through a number of methods such as a html file on the server or a tag on the website .
Google webmaster tools now prompts you to join analytics , which is user friendly in installing they will supply you
will a g_tag a. A small script that you can paste in the head of your website . After that you can go to live view and
enter you website to see if it is linked

Svg or scalable vector graphics is basically a image format , designed for things like logos , that can be blown up
and shrunk without any pix-elation. This mkes them great for banners , logos , flyers or most types of print and
digital media.