Graphic Design East London


Graphic Design East London

It has now been two years since i started as a graphic designer for new perspective design. I have learnt many things about the industry, in part that some parts of graphic design is dying to automated logo makers and also many business owners now outright fancy themselves as graphic designers.

This however is a big mistake although some may be competent, the marketing knowledge that comes with graphic design is essential. Designing with target markets in mind, demographics and many other variables is key.

The role of colour schemes in consumer psychology. The latest design trends and of course what google like and dislikes. These are all things business owners miss when choosing a diy graphic design solutions.

Graphic design has evolved however is so much more from custom html signatures, to corporate brand identity packages, right up to illustrations for engineers or architects.

A good knowledge of the print industry is also essential when designing anything that will be printed to get the right sizing colour and feel.

We must always remember the saying jack of all trades master of none.